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Restore empty files through the GUI


Empty files (0 kb) are not displayed in the single file restore window (Snap Creator 3.6x)

So it's impossible to restore them through the GUI => you have to use NMC gui instead.

Is there a way to display them in the Snap Creator GUI ?

We have an application that use some empty files for it's internal use (lock file, ...), so it would be useful to restore them to do a consistent restore.



Re: Restore empty files through the GUI

Yes we skipped them in SC 3.6 as ONTAP would not allow a restore of a 0 byte file

I believe this is fixed in SC 4.0 which should be out soon.

There isnt anyway to restore them except on storage system manually


Re: Restore empty files through the GUI

The restore of empty files works through NetApp Management Console (OnCommand Core 5.0.2)

So I will wait for SC 4.0

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