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Restore of server issues - invalid smb share format [SMHV]


Came across an error message which I havent seen before

Trying to restore a server which have been deleted by mistake
Share resides on Netapp and is Ok with SMB

Error log is following:

"Backup to be used for restore:

Crash consistent backup mav-prod-vm_10-27-2019_22.15.00[mav-prod-vm_10-27-2019_22.15.00] created at 27.10.2019 22:15:00


Input Parameters:

StartVM : true

_restore_7Mode_Transitioned_Backup : false verify_snapshots : true time_stamp : 11/7/2019 3:44:21 PM job_id : b2f4d225-676e-4068-8a9d-8829bef44a5f


[07.11.2019 15:44:21, (7)] Validating restore request

[07.11.2019 15:44:21, (7)] Validation of restore request completed.

[07.11.2019 15:44:21, (7)] Processing restore of hyper-V VM on host MAV-BL-PR-HYP04...

[07.11.2019 15:44:21, (7)] Retrieving backup metadata...

[07.11.2019 15:44:21, (7)] Restoring from crash consistent backup? : True

[07.11.2019 15:44:21, (7)] Checking whether SnapManager for Hyper-V is licensed and storage system is licensed with snaprestore license.

[07.11.2019 15:44:22, (7)] Finding the host for restore operation

[07.11.2019 15:44:22, (7)] Checking if [A-MAV-Cluster] is a clustered system..

[07.11.2019 15:44:22, (7)] Retrieving resource information for VM [D50D285E-2F9D-460B-8040-DE8F7970FBD4]

[07.11.2019 15:44:23, (7)] Retrieval of resource information for VM [D50D285E-2F9D-460B-8040-DE8F7970FBD4] completed successfully.

[07.11.2019 15:44:23, (7)] Cluster resource does not exist for VM [D50D285E-2F9D-460B-8040-DE8F7970FBD4]

[07.11.2019 15:44:46, (7)] Restore host is MAV-BL-PR-HYP04

[07.11.2019 15:44:46, (7)] Continuing restore operation on host MAV-BL-PR-HYP04

[07.11.2019 15:44:46, (7)] Verifying whether the backup snapshots exist on storage system...

[07.11.2019 15:44:51, (7)] Restoring VM files...

[07.11.2019 15:44:52, (7)] Failed to restore VM files.Invalid SMB share format \\MAV-VS-HYPERV01\mav-ssd node5\vm-pr-nbops01\Virtual Machines.


Invalid SMB share format \\MAV-VS-HYPERV01\mav-ssd node5\vm-pr-nbops01.


Invalid SMB share format \\MAV-VS-HYPERV01\mav-ssd node5\vm-pr-nbops01\Virtual Machines\D50D285E-2F9D-460B-8040-DE8F7970FBD4.



[07.11.2019 15:44:52, (7)] Restore task: failed to complete"

Seems like it doesn't like that there is an space in the path or am I wrong ?
How can I resolve this ?

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