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SC 4.3 and SC PowerShell Toolkit

What version and where can I download a supported SC PowerShell Toolkit that will successfully work with SC 4.3+?


SC PowerShell Toolkit version 4.1 failed testing with SC 4.3+


Re: SC 4.3 and SC PowerShell Toolkit

The Powershell Toolkit is located in the toolchest. It appears that version 4.4 is out now.  I didn't see a link for 4.3.

Re: SC 4.3 and SC PowerShell Toolkit

@stanton Currently use the SC PSTK v4.1 to dump details that provide the foundation for a DBA-generated report. The following cmdlets: Get-ScWorkflowHistory, Get-ScProfile, Get-ScConfig, get-scsnapshot. The reports fail when we upgrade to SC 4.3+ withSC PSTK 4.1.


Does the non-SC PSTK v4.4 include these SC-specific cmdlets?


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