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SC with SMSQL SnapVault Retention


Hello community,

after finally being able to configure Snap Creator to make backups of our SQL server, I now have the problem, that on the secondary storage, only one copy is retained.

I already read, that the SnapVault settings within SC are overwritten by SM settings. Is this true?

Therefor I tried to figure out how to set retention for the secondary within SM commandline.

Current SMSQL setting: -svr 'LXBI-DWHDB10\SWISSDWH' -RetainBackupDays 7 -RetainShareBackups 7 -lb -bksif -RetainSnapofSnapInfo 7 -rudays 7 -mgmt daily -GenericNaming

Any suggestions or ideas?

BR Stephan


Re: SC with SMSQL SnapVault Retention


Hi Stephan,

I have not tried the native support for SV, but I do have SC setup w/ SMSQL and PM. SC will kick SMSQL to take the application consistent snapshot, and then register these snapshots in PM. SC then pokes PM to start the SV transfer. When the transfer is complete, PM then vaults the application consistent snapshot that is created by SC and will keep it for the retention configured in the PM policy.

When doing a config this way, SMSQL knows nothing about the secondary protection, so the SMSQL command line is configured just like a "local-only" protection would be.

Hope that helps you and good luck,


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