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SC3.2.0 Wish List

This thread will be used to create a Wish List for SC3.2.0


Re: SC3.2.0 Wish List

Request to have two users for the UI:


a) Read Only

b) Admin

Request came directly from customer

Re: SC3.2.0 Wish List


I'd like to request Oracle RAC support be added to the Oracle module for Snapcreator.  If it's already there then I apologize but I didn't see it explicitly called out in the Admin Guide.  Thanks!


Re: SC3.2.0 Wish List

Hi Dave

This is neto from Brazil

How are you?

First, thank you very much for your interesting on SnapCreator.

SnapCreator can works with Oracle RAC.

If you need any help, please feel free to contact me.

All the best


NetApp - My Reason to Live!

Re: SC3.2.0 Wish List

- Add postgresql support to SC.

Re: SC3.2.0 Wish List


Are there any plans to introduce a module for Microsoft SQL backups?  I'm not very familiar with MSSQL but I believe there is a hotbackupmode equivalent -- it would be great to be able to just quiesce the SQL databases for a given instance that are all on the same volume and initiate a snapshot.  Thanks.


Re: SC3.2.0 Wish List

Hi Dave,

We dont have official plans for an MSSQL module at this point but we have been discussing this as a possibility to explore. Since we have a SnapManager for MSSQL this hasn't been as high of a priority as other databases where we dont have SnapManager's.

I will bring this up again internally and see if we can make this happen eventually...requesting this through your Sales Rep would help us since we are 100% customer driven



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