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SC4.1 - unattende agent install


As for SC 3.6 it was easy to do an unattended agent install. See for the discussion.

We are running SC on a Microsoft Windows environment.

SC 4.x agent uses java and I found an "install.bat" to do the installation.

Can someone provide me the correct parameters of the "install.bat" so I can just copy the SC agent folder to an other machine and run the "install.bat"


Kris Boeckx


Re: SC4.1 - unattende agent install


I believe that the install.bat file you have pointed out is used by our installed to install the services for the scServer / scAgent.

I am not aware of what parameters would be needed to run this manually.

I sent a note to the development team to inquire if anyone can help answer this.

When I get a response I'll update the thread unless someone else answers first.



Re: SC4.1 - unattende agent install

I've got this one working ... This is making my live easier. 1-click install of the SC Agent with the correct settings op the "allowed_commands.config" file.

This example is for snapcreator agent 4.1.1 - and is a quick and dirty implementation.


  • Do an install of SC agent on 1 machine.
  • Copy the folder where SC is installed to, to a distribution point. I made a folder structure:



  •  In the folder "NetApp® Snap Creator™ Framework 4.1.1" on the distribution point create a batch file with this content:


@echo off
cmd /c "C:\Program Files\NetApp\Snap_Creator_Framework\uninstall.exe"
xcopy "%~dp0x64" "C:\Program Files\NetApp\Snap_Creator_Framework\" /S /Y 
call "C:\Program Files\NetApp\Snap_Creator_Framework\scAgent4.1.1\install.bat" agent "C:\Progra~1\NetApp\Snap_Creator_Framework" " " 9090

The first command is used to uninstall previous snapcreator agent

The second command copies the agent files to the computer where the script is run on

The third line installs the snapcreator agent service.



Kris Boeckx

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