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SDU AIX call NFS mount?


customer have SDU with AIX. In the process of mount a SMO backup from a SV secondary, SDU trace logs show a nfs mount command like:

usr/sbin/mount -v nfs  stor01:/vol/SnapManager_20110629225423616_XXXX/XXX /sdu_tmp_readonly_test_mnt_point_1309402486

Filer don't have NFS licensed, and mount operation don't continue waiting this mount

to a aix level, it show:

sbin/helpers/nfsmnthelp M 0 stor01 vol/SnapManager_20110629225423616_XXXX/XXX /sdu_tmp_readonly_test_mnt_point_1309402486

Why this command is called if environment is only FC?

Host have one NFS mountpoint, but from other server.

Any way to disable this nfs mount?



Re: SDU AIX call NFS mount?

which version of SDU is being used...

If that is SDU 4.2 then it's a bug...         

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