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SDU + SMO question


Do we need to install SDU and SMO on every node in a RAC cluster, or is it ok to install these on just one node?


Re: SDU + SMO question

Hi my friend

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If I remember on the top of my head, yes - you need to install on all nodes

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Re: SDU + SMO question


From the 3.0 Best Practices Guide:

SnapManager 3.0 for Oracle now also supports OS-authenticated database connections for RAC databases. The SnapManager server must be installed and running on each node in the RAC cluster for:

- A non-ASM RAC database that is using the OS-authenticated connection mode

- An ASM RAC database that is using either the OS-authenticated connection mode or the database-authenticated connection mode

If using the database-authentication connection mode:

- The listener on each node that services an instance of the RAC database must be configured to use the same port number. Also, the listener that services the primary database instance must be started prior to initiating a backup.

- The password of the database user that SnapManager uses (typically sys) must be the same for all the Oracle instances in a RAC environment.



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