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SDW Filesystem consistency checks

Hi everybody,

I have a few questions, maybe somebody can help me with those:

  • Does anybody know if Windows does a file system check upon mounting a LUN with SDW? I assume that this is triggered by Windows in order to determine if the LUN’s FS is consistent?
  • In case that the FS is corrupted and can be recovered, does Windows automatically trigger this in the background before presenting the LUN/drive/path to the user?



Re: SDW Filesystem consistency checks


Re: SDW Filesystem consistency checks

sdw will not run chkdsk on the whole disk neither will windows. it will just mount the volume and assign drive letter/volume mount point.

windows will handle a netapp lun pretty much like every other disk, if you encounter broken blocks it it will give a read error and you need to manually start chkdsk. if the MBR/GPT is broken you cannot access the disk anymore and it will offer you a chkdsk as well.

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Re: SDW Filesystem consistency checks

If the filesystem was found to be inconsistent and the volume was marked as dirty (can be set also manually with fsutil) before mounting, then windows will ask you to scan and fix the volume. But, if volume is not marked dirty, there is no check of the filesystem consistency. And you're right, Snapdrive is using the same mechanism when mounting a volume.

Re: SDW Filesystem consistency checks

Thanks for the clarification, appreciate it!

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