SDW error : “class notregistered”

IHAC where we are getting the SDW error : “class notregistered” error while doing the “create disk” operation.

Environment :Windows2008R2

ONTAP : 8.0.2



Found this burt, which the resolution is to disable the firewall services on the host.We havealready tried it but no luck.

Have also verified that the user account used for snapdrivemeets the snapdrive user requirements and has the necessary priviledge on thehost and storage system.

Any pointers in troubleshooting this will be useful.

SDW error : “class notregistered”

You'll need to upgrade Snapdrive to 6.3 for support for ONTAP 8.0.2. 

SDW 6.2 & 6.2.1 will only support up to ONTAP 8.0.1