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SMBR license question

Hi,  i had a question about SMBR licensing, i have the following situation: W2012 64-bit server, Snapdrive 7.0.3, SME 7.0, SMBR 7.0, Ontap 8.1.4 7-mode FAS2240A with complete bundle. How is the licensing arranged for SMBR, is it included in the complete bundle? When i check the system licensing through the Support Site SMBR field says "none". Also the manual of SMBR refers to the license.ini license file that should be installed, is that still the case with a complete bundle on the FAS systems?


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Re: SMBR license question



This KB Article should help you



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Re: SMBR license question

The license for SMBR is included in the install file and loaded by default.  


Custom licenses can be acquired for additional functionality (Extract Wizard support for other backup solutions, PST source,  Single Mailbox Recovery Administrative Server).  


I know this isn't a recent question, but it has a lot of visibility, so I thought I'd mention it.

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