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SME 6.0.3 Snapshot generic naming

Hi communitie,

In a DAG environment, 2 servers Exchange, 2 FAS, active DB load balanced accross controler. (latest Ontap, SDW, SME)

In a disk to tape purpose, i need to mount _recent snapshot, but i don't understand the placement of these snapshot on the controler.

is there a placement rule for snapshot with  functionality "generic naming" ?



Re: SME 6.0.3 Snapshot generic naming

If you use the SME generic naming convention, the most recent snapshot for the database volume snapshot of exchsnap__exchservername__recent. (note the consecutive underscore characters).

The location of the snapshot is in the volume where the snapshot was created. The path of the snapshot would look something like this:


where db_vol is the name of the volume where the database LUN is located and db_lun is the name of the database LUN.

You can either backup the entire LUN via ndmp to tape or you can also use SnapDrive CLI commands in a pre-job script on the backup to mount the contents of the LUN in the snapshot and then backup the flat files within the LUN that was mounted.

Please review the SnapManager backup archiving information starting on page 245 of the SME 6.0.3 IAG or TR-4051.


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Re: SME 6.0.3 Snapshot generic naming

Thanks Mark i know that,


i want to understand how SME decide the placement of _recent snapshot in case of multiple controler.

is there a specific rule ?


Re: SME 6.0.3 Snapshot generic naming


The snapshot is located in the volume where the Exchange LUNs are located. NetApp snapshots do not consist of data being copied.

If you are not sure which controllers and volumes where the Exchange LUNs are located, you can run the SnapDrive "scdli disk list" command from a command prompt on each Exchange mailbox server that is being backed up by SME. The output from this command will give you the path of the volumes and LUNs, including the controller where the mount points are mapped to.

Snapdrive can support a single host being connected to multiple NetApp controllers.


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