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SME 6.0 w/ Exchange 2010 Deployment

Are there any best practice guides for deploying SME 6.0 w/ Exchange 2010 using DAGs? I have not installed SME for Exchanage 2010 before and am looking for some advice.

It seems you need plan accordingly if you want to backup the passive copies as well as active copies. Look at the link below.


Re: SME 6.0 w/ Exchange 2010 Deployment


Did you already try searching Field Portal with "Exchange 2010" string?

There are some interesting hits, including brand new TR-3824 about Exchange 2010 on NetApp:



Re: SME 6.0 w/ Exchange 2010 Deployment

This TR is helpful. Thanks.

My issue is around SnapManager specific deployment guidelines. The first being what "role" is required. In Exchange 2010, the permissions are based on RBAC and not permission based. So you need to add Role Groups and Roles to a Role Group.

I am not understanding what specific roles are needed for snapmanager to backup exchange. Also looking for any more "gotchas". I've read the install & admin guide and it does not specify the specific Roles needed.

Re: SME 6.0 w/ Exchange 2010 Deployment

At this time SME requires full Org Management role

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