SME 7.1.1 cannot detect exchange servers

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currently we have around 20 exchange servers running 2013 CU 8 & CU 10  hosted on windows 2012


snapmanager : 7.1.1

snapdrive : 7.1.2

MPIO DSM : 4.1P1


the strange issue is : while  i try to add servers to snap manager , i got an empty servers list while some servers shows a full list of servers. Any idea what's going on?


note : when I try to add a server by typing its name the MMC is crashing with he attached error


thanks in advance.


Re: SME 7.1.1 cannot detect exchange servers

I suggest you log a support case about this.

There may be environmental variables that are unique to your environment though, as we haven't see this behavior before.