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SME Issue


I'm having a small issue with Snap Manager for Exchange.


J:\Data - This is the LUN where the DB's live.

J:\Logs - This is the LUN where the Logs and SI live.

As you can see I have two LUN's and exchange has been living happily on them for several weeks. I then wanted to setup DMF integration so ran the sdcli dfm_config command on the box. Now when i try to re-run the configuration wizard for DFM integration I get this message:

"The minimum number of Data OnTap LUNs to run SnapManager is Two. Please create more LUNs using SnapDrive then re-run configuration wizard."

The annoying this is I can still run through the whole of the configuration wizard but it just cant detect the Protection Policies from DMF.

I have tried disconnecting both LUNs and re attaching, restarting SME and SD services, and rebooting the box.

Can anyone help me with what to try next?




Re: SME Issue

SME upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0 Fixed this issue.

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