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SME commands - New-Backup

Hi guys,

** not related to the Toolkit **

I want to run Snapmanager commands from Powershell (New-Backup for example) - to do that I need to use the 'SMEJobLauncher' application:

.\NetApp\Snapmanager for Exchange> SMEJobLauncher New-Backup ....

with SMSQL I can just import/add the Snapin and then run the commands:

>Add-PSSnapin NetApp.SnapManager.SQL.PS.Admin

> New-Backup ...

What would be the equivalent in SME?



Re: SME commands - New-Backup

Hey Joel,

All SnapManager's have pssnapins and not modules. you would need to add the pssnapin to start using the cmdlets.

Add-PSSnapin NetApp.SnapManager.Exchange.PS.Admin

Also, here are the list of cmdlets in "NetApp.SnapManager.Exchange.PS.Admin"

Re: SME commands - New-Backup

Re: SME commands - New-Backup

thanks Vinith

I don't have that (?!)

Re: SME commands - New-Backup

Hello Joel,

Can you upgrade to the latest version of SME, and retry

Add-PSSnapin NetApp.SnapManager.Exchange.PS.Admin 

These snappin are imported when you open  the snapmanager for exchange cmdlets console

In a normal powershell console, you would need to manually import the snapin using add-pssnapin

Re: SME commands - New-Backup


I've managed to run the New-Backup command from the PS for SME console (not from the native PS console), which is good enough

thank you