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SME license on filer?


Our filers and the ONTAP simulators have a license key field called "snapmanagerexchange" plus others related to the Snapmanager products. Are these filer licenses used for anything? We do not have any of these keys on the filers that Snapdrive/Snapmanager is working with.

Normally I wouldn't be concerned but we are having difficulties with our SME environment. I was playing around with the simulator earlier and noted that there was a license key for SME so that got me wondering what it was for.




Re: SME license on filer?


I believe the SME and SMSQL product check these licenses when they start running so yes you do need them.

Re: SME license on filer?


SME offers the ability to license per server or per NetApp controller. In your case you've licensed based on the controller, which means all SME instances which utilize LUNs on that controller use the controller license.

When you perform an install of SME it will prompt you for one or the other.

Details on licensing options are available in the SnapManager for Exchange Installation and Administration Guide (IAG), Chapter 2:

From a testing standpoint (such as use of the simulator), it's much easier to use a controller-side license rather than per individual server.



Re: SME license on filer?


That all makes sense (now). Many thanks for clearing that up!


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