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SME6.0 Business Continuance



Can the function of Business Continuance of SME6.0 be used even by Exchange2010?




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BCM is only supported with Exchange 2007.



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Re: SME6.0 Business Continuance


That is indeed, as noted on the Release Notes:

Business Continuance Module is not supported for Exchange Server 2010

That being said, how do we use SME to manage SnapMirrors and DRs on Exchange Server 2010?


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Re: SME6.0 Business Continuance



If you are using SnapMirror to replicate Exchange 2010 data, the assumption is that you are using Standalone Exchange mailbox servers and not Database Availability Groups (Exchange High Availability).

You have basically two options: Database Portability and RecoverServer.

With Database Portability, you have a mailbox server in the DR site with a different name than the mailbox server in the primary site.

1. Break the SnapMirror relationship

2. Connect the LUNs with SnapDrive to the mailbox server

3. Perform an SME recovery of all mailbox databases.

These steps can be scripted with the assistance of the DataONTAP Powershell Toolkit, SnapDrive CLI, and SME powershell cmdlets. If you are very familiar with Exchange recovery procedures, you can bypass SME and do a manual recovery of the exchange databases using Exchange tools. This can really reduce the time it takes to bring things back online.

Public folders are not supported with Database Portability, but your mailbox server in the DR site should be participating in Public Folder replication.

Aspects of Database Portability are covered here:

The RecoverServer procedure is used if you want to bring up a mailbox server with the same name in the DR site. It is more complicated because it requires you to run Exchange setup and modify DNS records. These steps can be scripted as well, but the process takes longer than database portability.

Aspects of RecverServer procedures are covered here:

If you virtualize your Exchange 2010 mailbox servers with VMware, you do have the option of using SnapMirror and VMware HA (VMotion) to bring up the Exchange 2010 mailbox server in the DR site. This can also be scripted and facilitated with Site Recovery Manager.

To summarize, there is no BCM support for Exchange 2010 in SME 6. You will have to use a manual process based on scripting, Exchange 2010 database portability, and SME database restore to bring up the mailboxes in the DR site.


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