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SMO 3.0 on Red Hat 4 Update 5?

Hello everyone,

I am having Red Hat WS 4 Update 5, would I be able to install SMO 3.0 on this and what version of SnapDrive should I use? Sorry, we are still trying to check out SMO and dont have access to all the documents.

Many thanks



Re: SMO 3.0 on Red Hat 4 Update 5?

Better yet, I would appreciate it greatly if someone would post the smo/snapdrive compatibility matrix.

Many thanks,


Re: SMO 3.0 on Red Hat 4 Update 5?

Here's the link to the IMT:

The problem with RHEL 4U5 is that it was last qualified with SDU 4.0.

If at all possible, upgrading to at least RHEL 4U6 gets you to SDU 4.1.1 and therefore up to SMO 3.0.3.  This is preferred from a SDU and SMO perspective.


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