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SMO 3.1 e-mail notifications


I have just installed and configured SMO 3.1 on RHEL 5.6 x64 box & Oracle 11gR2.

Configured repo, profile and configured profile notifications upon successful and failed backup operations.

After performing few backups, I did not receive any e-mail notifications about successful backup operations, I only received "Netapp automated autosupport Acknowledgement" with text

"HA Group Notification from fas***** (CLIENT APP INFO backup: apitest-SnapManager for Oracle 3.1: (1) on ****: OS version: linux version RHEL 5 running on x64 Oracle version: 11_2_0_3_0 Additional Info: ) INFO"

I found fix for this autosupport notification generated by SMO, but still can't find reason why SMO does not send notifications.

SMO log seems OK, /var/log/messages seems also OK.

Any advices?


Re: SMO 3.1 e-mail notifications

This was solved. Right click on containter above repository, choose properties and define smtp server....

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