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SMO - Mirroring data subsets

Is there any way using SMO to run some sort of SQL script to limot the data mirrored to a date range?

Or another fancy way of doing this that avoids old school Oracle scripting?


Re: SMO - Mirroring data subsets


Can you explain in a lil more detail what your business use case is?

Unitl then, the following info might help:

SMO does integrate with Protection Manager to SnapVault or SnapMirror the local backups to a secondary storage system.  Once the lcoal backups are protected to secondary, using SMO you can restore them back to primary or clone them on secondary.

SMO provides pre and post scripts support only for the cloning operation.  SMO also can automate executing SQL scripts after a clone is created.  SMO currently does not provide these functionalities for backup or restore operations.



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