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SMO backup fail/success notification mail not sent



I have executed the following command to setup mailing server which completed successfully.

smo notification set -from -mailhost -mailport 25 -repository -port 1521 -dbname <repository-name> -host HOST1 -login -username smorepo -verbose

But still I don't receive e-mail. I have also set e-mail ID, notifications to be sent.

smo profile update -profile Temp_PROF -notification -failure -email -subject "DB-name backup fail"

smo profile update -profile Temp_PROF -notification -success -email -subject "DB-name backup success"

Any help if I am missing any step here.... SMO backup is running fine.

Where to look if mail host details are stored properly?

Many thanks,



Re: SMO backup fail/success notification mail not sent


Hi All,

I have resolved this issue myself by updating SMO profile. See below details I could able to compile for any of us face any such issue.


I found in SMO profile in Notification body under Success operation recipients e-mail address was washed out when I updated my profile as per commands given in my post above.

HosName:[/]#smo profile show -profile Temp_PROF -verbose

  Profilename: Temp_PROF







Success operation

Failure operation

E-mail ID:

E-mail Subject: SMO DB-Name backup failed

  1. When I once more did smo profile update for the successful backup, then I found in smo profile show o/p that Success operation of notification body got recipients e-mail address updated BUT THIS TIME Failure operation body configuration washed out. HOWEVER I started getting successful backup mail.
  2. WHY I was not getting successful backup notification for the first time I updated my profile is because I run smo profile update for failure backup after I ran smo profile update for successful. Therefore it had deleted Successful operation configuration details in profile under notification body.
  3. NOW WHY it is only saving either one notification configuration (Success/Failed) is yet to be find out. Not sure if I can declare it a bug or burt.

Anyway, here is in brief step as how I fixed the issue of not getting SMO backup success notification mails.

  1. I updated smo profile update only for success. I didn't do for failed operation or else it will again wipe out success operation configurations.

smo profile update -profile Temp_PROF -notification -success -email -subject "DB-name backup success"

  1. Once I update profile and checked the O/P of smo profile show, I could see Success operation configuration there....and also getting mails in my inbox.

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