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SMO clone volume names


Hi All,

Background: We're running SMO in a Unix environment over NFS.  We're using SMO to clone databases, but some we are splitting in order to provide a base from which to clone several other DB's.  We would like name these 'base' split clone volumes based on a particular naming convention.

When SMO creates a clone it creates a flexclone called something like SnapManager_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_<original_vol_name> so once SMO is finished we have to take the DB down, unmount the vol, rename it on the filer, mount it again on the unix host.

Is there any way to tell SMO what to name the clone volume on the filer?  I can define the mount point in the clone spec, but not the volume itself.

Thanks in advance,



Re: SMO clone volume names


Hello Craig,

Naming convention for cloned volumes is hard coded in SMO. There is no way to customize it.



Re: SMO clone volume names


OK, I thought that might be the case, but thanks for confirming.  Do you happen to know if this feature is on any roadmap? 

Re: SMO clone volume names


I was hoping this functionality existed however I opened up a ticket with NetApp asking them if a feature request could be created. Ill reply once they update the ticket

Re: SMO clone volume names


This is not what you are looking for, but I'm doing it like this becasue cloned DB might stay there forever. FlexClone is not good gor that if there are lot's of changes into the DB datavolume where FlexClone has done.

Only thing you could do if the cloned DB stays there for a long time.

1. volume copy or mirror the flex the volumename you prefer (do not use split)

2. You still need to shut down the database to umount and mount the new volumes.

3.You have now your datadirectory where it should be.

4. detach (NOT REMOVE OR DESTROY) your metadata from smo (now the snapshot can be deleted where clone has been taken..

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