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SMO cloning from secondary


Hi all

I've got an issue with trying to get SMO cloning on a SnapMirror target working properly.  Environment is Solaris 10, Oracle, SnapDrive 4.2P1 and SMO 3.2.

Everything (backup, restore, local clones) works absolutely fine, with the exception of cloning on the remote site.  The primary DB is at one site and is SnapMirror'ed to the DR site where there's a second host.  We want to clone onto this second host using SMO.  SMO is fully integrated into Protection Manager already and I can see the state of the backup in the SMO GUI is Protected.

When I come to do a clone on the secondary host, the clone begins OK, it mounts a flexclone of the SnapMirror target OK on the remote site.  It then tries to mount the archive redo logs to feed into the clone, and this is where is goes wrong.  What it does is it tries to mount the source volume and feed the archive redo logs in from that, rather than using the ones replicated to the remote site.  The server on the DR site has no access to the NFS network on the primary site to do that mount so the clone simply hangs there.

My SMO job is currently set to not backup archive redo logs separately (all data is in a single volume) but cloning works OK locally on the live site so the clone process seems to be OK.  The customer also has a separate environment running SMO 3.0.3 (same filers, different hosts) where this work fine.

What am I doing wrong here? 




Re: SMO cloning from secondary


Hi Chris,

      Please let me know the protocol that you are using and also upload SMO/SDU logs.



Re: SMO cloning from secondary


I had to free the backup from primary storage before it would retrieve the archivelogs from secondary storage.

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