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SMO compatibility matrix


Where I can found smo compatibility matrix ?

we planed to upgrade to Oracle rdbms SE with SMO 3.3

but don't know if it is a supported setup...

Thank you


Re: SMO compatibility matrix

the Compatability matrix

then select "Change" next to storage solutions.

you can then browse down to SMO and select it:

then you should be able to check compatability with the various versions etc,



Re: SMO compatibility matrix

Thank you for your answer, but as we have bought

storage to ibm, Nseries 6240, we don't have the

netapp customer ID that allow us to log on to support,

my login allow me only to participate to public forum,

can you send me the  pdf, if it exist ...

Thank you

Re: SMO compatibility matrix

Have you tied to register on the site?

The matrix is menu driven so you have to put in all your versions (Oracle, Windows, Snapdrive, DataOntap, SMO, etc) and it outputs any supported configurations so wont be easy to pull a PDF for you

Re: SMO compatibility matrix

Thank you, but we are already registered

on this site, but we have not access to the full support.

Re: SMO compatibility matrix

Hi Noel,

For NSeries SMO, you should use the IBM Compatibility matrix: it is freely available here:

Anyway, even on the NetApp matrix, I can't see Oracle supported for any version of SMO:

Best regards,


Re: SMO compatibility matrix

Merci Régis, notre admin système est en congé, je pensais

Qu'il fallait un login sur le support ibm pour acceder au doc..


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