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SMO got error message when tried to create profile


         Here is error message, what do you think?

Error message:-

--[ INFO] SMO-13036: Starting operation Profile Create on host art2

--[ INFO] SMO-13046: Operation GUID 2c9f9e8a3c5c6db6013c5c6dbf54000e starting on Profile owr5k

--[ INFO] SMO-13505: SnapDrive environment verification passed.

--[ INFO] SMO-13507: JDBC verification for "smo_oper@art2:1521/owr5k" passed.

--[ERROR] SMO-05075: Profile create failed: SMO-13504: Verify operation failed. Errors: [SMO-13501: SQLPlus verification for database SID "owr5k" failed: ORACLE-00001: Error executing SQL: [].  The command returned: ORA-12534: TNS:operation not supported  Environment: [USER=ora10g, ORACLE_HOME=/software/ora10g/product/10.2.0/Db_1, ORACLE_SID=owr5k, LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/software/ora10g/product/10.2.0/Db_1/lib:/software/ora10g/product/10.2.0/Db_1/lib32:/software/ora10g/product/10.2.0/Db_1/bin:/software/ora10g/product/10.2.0/Db_1/rdbms/lib]]

--[ INFO] SMO-20600: Profile "owr5k" not found in repository "smoadmin@SMO/[earth]:1521".  Please run "profile sync" to update your profile-to-repository mappings.

Pinyo U.


Re: SMO got error message when tried to create profile

Hello Pinyo,

Can you please confirm if Oracle Wallet manager is not being used here. SnapManager does not support the use of Oracle Wallet Manager.



Re: SMO got error message when tried to create profile


        How to check Oracle Wallet manager is using or not? and may you give me the reference document about this limitation please. The reference document may help me when i back to customer again

Thank you,

Pinyo U.

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