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I'm just working through and upgrade plan for an environment using SMO 3.1 on HPUX and Linux over NFS, upgrading to SMO 3.2.  According to the Install and Admin guide for SMO 3.2, the repository database needs to be upgraded after the upgrade of SMO.  There seems to be a post-upgrade task to do this either as a whole repository upgrade or on a host-by-host basis using the rolling upgrade.

My questions are 1) If I'm upgrading from version 3.1 to 3.2 is the repository upgrade required - it seems to imply this is if upgrading from a version prior to 3.1?, and 2) if it is required, are there any issues running 3.1 and 3.2 together (there are a couple of hosts still running Oracle 9i)?

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Re: SMO rolling upgrade


Hello Craig,

Make sure you use smo version 3.1 on all the hosts running Oracle 9i version. For remaining hosts running Oracle 10g or higher, you can do the rolling upgrade on host basis by running "smo repository rolling upgrade" command. This will create a new schema in repository for hosts installed with 3.2 version and keeping schema for snap-manager hosts running on older smo version. You would require to do this when upgrading to 3.2 from any lower versions of smo (even 3.1).



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Re: SMO rolling upgrade


Hi Himanshu,

OK, thanks for the clarification.



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