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SMO shared profile for different users?



Can anyone tell if it is possible to create/attached the same profile to different users in a way that all the desired users will be working with the same profile/repository view?






Re: SMO shared profile for different users?

No, You can't have same profile with multiple users

While creating profile, you need to assign respective user also.

profile create -profile <profile_name> [-profile-password <profile_password>] -repository -dbname <repo_service_name> -host <repo_host> -port <repo_port> -login -username <repo_username> -database -dbname <db_dbname> -host <db_host> [-sid <db_sid>] [-login -username <db_username> -password <db_password> -port <db_port>



Re: SMO shared profile for different users?

Hi Erez,

Profile can be attached to multiple users by setting the smo repository & host credentials.

eg: SMO repository is created on HOST1 under the repo_user@REPODB schema

      If a profile is created as PRD_PROFILE of the target database PRD on HOST2 as oracle user the same can be accessed by any other user on the host by

      executing the

Login to the non-oracle user where the profile needs to be shared on HOST2

smo credential set -host -name host2 -username non-oracle-user -password <password>

smo credential set -host -name host1 -username <username> -password <password>

Note:  Provide the a valid O/S user credentials of the repository host (HOST1).

smo credentilal set -repository -dbname REPODB -host HOST1 -login -username repo_user -password <repo_password> -port 1521

smo credential set -profile -name PRD_PROFILE -password <password>


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