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SMO with SDW and FCoE ?

HI folk,

I find a weird thing in IMT : FCoE isn't supported by SMO under Windows platforms. Really ?

If SDW is supported with Windows and FCoE, SMO should be... No ?

Anybody could confirm or infirm IMT ?

Thanks a lot



Re: SMO with SDW and FCoE ?

FWIW, I have such an environment and SMO works as well as any SnapManager product. Read into that what you want

Re: SMO with SDW and FCoE ?

It's a weird one, indeed - according to IMT, SMO on Windows doesn't seem to be supported with FCoE, but is supported with FC.

It used to be the case that any SnapManager product was supported only if SnapDrive was supported in a certain combination of protocol & host OS.

Also, only until recently FCoE & FC wasn't differentiated at all (there was a general comment stating FCoE is supported wherever FC is supported).

Re: SMO with SDW and FCoE ?

I'm in touch with the Product Manager for SMO. SMO seems no to be supported in FCoE on Windows. Basically, It hasn't been tested (by QA process) therefore not in IMT and not supported.



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