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SMSP 7.0 Licensing


Hi there,

It seems that the new SMSP 7.0 will include the File Share Connector (DovAve File Share Navigator feature equivalent).

Can someone share information on how will it be licensed?



Re: SMSP 7.0 Licensing


According to the release notes "Archive Manager, File Share Connector, Real-Time Storage Manager, and Scheduled Storage Manager are optional agents that can be purchased separately."

The license files are available to download tho, but I wonder if I can use them.

SMSP 6.1 INCLUDED at least the Extender Functionality, that in 7.0 is provided by the "Real Time Storage Manager" and "Scheduled Storage Manager".

As I have the "Complete Bundle" that included Snapmanager for Sharepoint, can I use the "Real Time and Scheduled Storage Manager" licenses with the 7.0 version?


Re: SMSP 7.0 Licensing


Hi Ricardo -

Storage Manager is licensed as one entity and not as two separate licenses for the Real-Time Storage Manager and Scheduled Storage Manager sub-components. License files for the three additional SMSP modules (Storage Manager, Archive Manager, and Connector) are optional and available separately. You can purchase and download licenses for these modules from the site.

Customers using SMSP 6.1 Extender are entitled to free upgrade to Real Time Storage Manager but need to have active SSP (Software Subscription Pack).

Hope that helps,


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