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SMSP & Sharepoint 2013

Hi All,

Do we know if we are going to support the new version soon ? one of my customers just informed me that Microsoft released SP2013 RTM .



Re: SMSP & Sharepoint 2013

I have been asked this same questions from several of my Partners.  I would be nice to have an estimated date.



Re: SMSP & Sharepoint 2013

Hi and

Sorry for the delay in response. We have been working on this for the next release which will be out in around 8-12 weeks.



Re: SMSP & Sharepoint 2013

Thanks for the update.

Re: SMSP & Sharepoint 2013

Thank you, this answer is very useful for my partners,



Re: SMSP & Sharepoint 2013

We just released SMSP 7.1 which provides support for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013. SnapManager 7.1 for Microsoft SharePoint (SMSP 7.1) delivers comprehensive data protection and data manageability capabilities for SharePoint 2013 and 2010. SMSP 7.1 combines the storage technology from NetApp and SharePoint manageability technology from AvePoint to deliver a unified and integrated platform that offers comprehensive data protection, data tiering and SharePoint manageability. Using SMSP 7.1 SharePoint administrators can efficiently manage their SharePoint 2013 assets.

The software is available for customers to download from the SMSP 7.1 NOW download page.

SMSP 7.1 offers comprehensive data protection and data management for SharePoint 2013. This includes:

  • Backup and restore of SharePoint 2013 web-content including web applications.
  • Backup and restore of new SharePoint 2013 Search.
  • Backup and restore new Shared Service Applications (SSAs).
  • Support for Shredded Storage (introduced in SharePoint 2013).

Features in SMSP 7.1

  • Data protection and data management support for SharePoint 2013.
  • Ability to connect unstructured external data to SharePoint farms without the need to migrate the data into SharePoint content databases through Connector.
  • Policy-based data archival that permanently removes data from SharePoint web-applications and puts them on external SMB shares through Archive Manager.
  • New Silverlight-based user interface that leverages ribbon-based design which provides consistent and intuitive experience.
  • SMSP SDK and Connector SDK that allow users to create solutions on top of SMSP 7.1 as well as easily integrate SMSP 7.1 operations into complex organizational workflow tools.
  • Rich PowerShell cmdlet set.
  • Integrated, unified platform with DocAve by AvePoint. This allows additional SharePoint manageability modules from AvePoint DocAve to be seamlessly used with SMSP 7.1.

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