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SMSP with Docave RBS provider


We're in the process of implementing Sharepoint 2010, and using SMSP for the backups. We've enabled RBS in SMSP, which seems to work without problems.

Now our management insists on being able to upload files larger then 2GB into sharepoint, despite our advice against it. The party which is doing the Sharepoint implementation for us is advising to use Avepoint's Docave 'Connector' functionality. The problem is that 'Connector' uses the RBS functionality, but isn't able to initialize RBS, because SMSP already has.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Netapp hasn't included the 'Connector' functionality in SMSP.. ?!?

Another option would be to let Docave do the RBS (to a CIFS share on the filer), but will SMSP understand this, and be able to correctly create snapshots and recover files from RBS?

Any thoughts?



Re: SMSP with Docave RBS provider


The current version of SMSP does not have the File Share Connector that is available in DocAve 6.0. The current version of SMSP does not work with the DocAve RBS provider.

We are working on getting next version of SMSP include the DocAve File Share Connector functionality. Talk to your NetApp rep for projected availability


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Re: SMSP with Docave RBS provider



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