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SMSQL - Reports folder

Is there a way to configure the default "Report Directory Settings" in SMSQL, so that it does not default to "C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for SQL Server\Report".  We have an MSCS SQL server and like to keep the report folder on a LUN so that it is visible to the active cluster node, with the history of older jobs after the active node has been switched.  But it some how keeps on reverting to the c:\ drive.




Re: SMSQL - Reports folder

Hi Bren,

I don't know the actual answer to your question, but I believe you can use a mount point:

1) Move all the content of "C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for SQL Server\Report" to somewhere else

2) Once the folder is empty, use it as a mount point for your LUN

3) Move the legacy data back into the folder

Should work IMHO.


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