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SMSQL and MountPoints



           I must migrate a cluster with 6 SQL Server instances and a lot of database to SMSQL. I don't understand very well SMSQL manual about MountPoints. Help, I need to know if I can put all objetcs on a MountPoint:

  • Databases LUN
  • Logs LUN
  • SnapInfo LUN
  • System Databases LUN

Thank You very mutch.


Re: SMSQL and MountPoints


You need different LUNs (and therefore mountpoints) for Snapinfo, UserDBs and UserLogs and since it's best practice also for the TempDb and the TempLog. A possible structure would be for example:

X: --> driveletter as "root" LUN (per instance as install directory of the SQL instance, also containing the SYSDbs)

X:\<instancename>_UserDB --> mountpoint

X:\<instancename>_UserLOG --> mountpoint

X:\<instancename>_TempDB --> mountpoint

X:\<instancename>_TempLOG --> mountpoint

X:\<instancename>_Snapinfo --> mountpoint

For the next instance you can create the same structure with a new drive letter as "root" LUN.

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Re: SMSQL and MountPoints


Thanks for de answer.

But, the manual sais: You cannot store database files on a mount point root .

Then, SYSDbs can be stored on mount point root?

Re: SMSQL and MountPoints


Yes, it's possible to store the SYSDBs in the root because the SYSDBs are not backed up via snapshot but dumped with SQL Server functionality.

Of course you could also add an additional mountpoint per instance as system root, just for the installation.

Re: SMSQL and MountPoints


I understand. Thank you very mutch.

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