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SMSQL and filegroups


Hi all,

Can anyone shed some light on the subject of SMSQL and databases with more than one filegroup? So far I found existing documentation almost non-existent, with the exception of few hints here & there.

Whilst it is possible to share the same set of LUNs (one for log, one for data) across multiple databases with just the default filegroup, it seems that a database with multiple filegroups requires its own LUNs.

Can someone confirm what is true for a database with multiple filegroups:

  • it requires minimum two LUNs for data: one for primary filegroup & one (or more) for any additional filegroups
  • there is no (there is?) requirement for a dedicated LUN for logs, i.e. a shared LUN for logs can (cannot?) be used for this database & other databases logs
  • there is no (there is?) requirement for dedicated volumes, i.e. single set of volumes can (cannot?) be used for this database & other databases LUNs (one volume for log LUNs, one for data LUNs, etc.)

I'm trying to test all this with SMSQL 6 & SQL 2012, but the configuration wizard fails each time, even when the most radical approach is used, i.e. exclusive LUNs & volumes for my test database with two filegroups (see the error message).

Any hints, suggestions, comments?





I moved databases manually to bypass config wizard problem.

So far it looks as follows:

  • a dedicated LUN for logs is needed, otherwise all databases with logs in shared LUN are marked as invalid for backup in SMSQL
  • shared volumes are fine
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