SMSQL daily backup - sqlinfo backup was not deleted successfully

Hi all,

Apologies if this question/thread has already been answered elsewhere but I was unable to find it.  Please advise me accordingly if this is the case.

OK, so here goes.  When attempting to run a Daily backup job on my SQL Server I receive the following error within the SMSQL backup report:

[09:21:01.550]  Deleting snapshot copy sqlinfo__SQLSERVER02_03-24-2012_07.43.52__daily of LUN C:\mount\SnapInfo\
[09:21:06.363]  [SnapDrive Error]: Deletion of backup (sqlinfo__SQLSERVER02_03-24-2012_07.43.52__daily) failed. Reason: (The backup sqlinfo__SQLSERVER02_03-24-2012_07.43.52__daily was not deleted successfully. Reason : Snapshot 'smvi__sqlinfo__SQLSERVER02_03-24-2012_07.43.52__daily_20120324074500' was not deleted as it is currently being used by application(s) 'snapvault'. Please retry after sometime.).

(SnapDrive Error Code: 0xc0041054)
[09:21:06.363]  Unknown Error, Error Code: 0xc0041054

I have run this backup a number of times (which does actually run sucessfully) but still receive this error within the report.  I am intrigued to find out what exactly is the problem and hopefully get this resolved.  I have also ran a 'Check Database Integrity' Maintenance Plan through Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio which ran successfully without any problems.

Despite the job running successfully I would still like to get this issue resolved.  I hope somebody out there is able to help.

Kind Regards

Justin Medcraft

Re: SMSQL daily backup - sqlinfo backup was not deleted successfully

It seems that you have an active snapvault relationship that is blocking the snapshot of the snapinfo LUN. Check your retention settings.