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SMSQL on a Sharepoint server??



I have a customer who wants to migrate some SQL databases temporarily.  We want to use SMSQL to migrate them onto Netapp storage, but the only server the customer has currently runs Sharepoint.  They want to install SQL on there and run SMSQL to do the migration and control snapshotting.

Will this be ok coexisting with Sharepoint ?  I am worried that putting SMSQL on will try and access the back end SQL database for Sharepoint, and this is a live service.  I couldnt find anything to help in the BP guide or the docs for SM Sharepoint.




Hi Dave,

As I understand the scenario is that the customer does not have an extra SQL Server instance. On order to create a temporary one, they are installing on the SharePoint front-end server.

There is no cause for worry. SMSQL by itself cannot detect the SharePoint backend databases since in this case, it is not being installed on the backend SQL Server host of the SharePoint farm. However, even if it did, SMSQL does not do anything to databases in any way unless you initiate the operation from the GUI.



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