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SMSQL restore of system databases if SQL Server won't start?


Hi all,

I'm having a hard time finding out how a customer would go about restoring SMSQL backups of their system databases if the system databases were so corrupt (or just gone due to user or hardware error) such that SQL Server itself would not start?  It seems SMSQL requires SQL Server to be up and running to do a restore.  It seems like this should be an documented, but I can not find any reference to this situation.  Thanks for any pointers!



Re: SMSQL restore of system databases if SQL Server won't start?

  1. Install\re-install SQL with the same instance name.
  2. Attach all of the LUNs using SnapDrive as they were before disaster (drive letter or mount point).
  3. Install\re-install SMSQL.
  4. Run the SMSQL config wizard.
  5. Restore using SMSQL, and choose to restore from alternate location\backup set.
  6. Point to SnapInfo folder and choose backup.
  7. Restore just the master DB.  If you reconnected everything as it was before in step 2 then you should be up and running again.
  8. Rerun the SMSQL config wizard to update.
  9. Check\define backup jobs.

Also check page 338 of the SMSQL admin guide.

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