SMSQL verification server issue

Has anyone run into this before? From a partner SE:

I was going to ask if he's encountered the behavior that Active are seeing with their SnapManager for SQL verification server.  Support wants them to reinstall or upgrade SnapDrive and SnapManager, but they're trying to avoid downtime if possible.

The verification server config is just acting very strange.  It's not saving configuration settings or changes.  It will also report (intermittently) that the versions of SnapManager on the prod and verification servers are different (they're not).


Re: SMSQL verification server issue

Yes we had it in our site after upgrading to SD 6.

One of the Windows hot fixes had been missed off the install.

Go back and confirm everything has been installed as per the pre reqs.

Hope this helps


Re: SMSQL verification server issue

And...if getting a runaround (or seems like you are), can always ask for the duty manager.

Having said that, very good suggestion on the hotfixes -- verifying stuff off the compat matrix can be somewhat helpful there too (iSCSI initiator version, Host Utilities version, all applicable hotfixes, etc.).

Re: SMSQL verification server issue

Thanks Bren and Andrew. This is helpful.