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SMVI created initiator groups


I notice that there are several new initiator groups since I installed SMVI.  Do I need these or is it safe to remove them? Any insight would be appreciated.


Re: SMVI created initiator groups


I'm also very curious to know why SMVI creates these igroups, but I do know that you can safely remove them. I removed them several times without problems.

It may have something to do with clusternodes with different igroup configurations?

Re: SMVI created initiator groups


Our controllers are clustered and we only have one inital igroup for for both of our ESX's called VMware that is mapped.  Also the two viaRPC connections made by snapdrive for the two LUNs of the exchange server are not mapped to any visible LUN.  I hope they figure out why SMVI does that.  Thanks for response.

Re: SMVI created initiator groups


Hmm....are you doing "test restore" by any chance?

I'm wondering if it's tied to lun cloning during the restore process.

Re: SMVI created initiator groups



SMVI does not clean up an existing igroup when a LUN is unmounted and reuse it for future mounts.If there are no mounted backups and there are no VMFS-based virtual machine restore processes running, you can manually delete the igroup.



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