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SQL Plug-In Stopped


One of our servers went down, and although we have been able to recover all DBs, I have noticed that the "plug-in" status on "SnapCenter Console" shows "stopped."


How do I go about re-activating this plug-in on the server - so i can return to having backups again?




Re: SQL Plug-In Stopped



This has been resolved.

For those dealing with this particular issue, the solution consists in locating the VM Server (where the plug-in has been installed) and simply re-start the service (SnapCenter Plug-In for SQL Server). 


If the service won't restart, you have the option of removing it by uninstalling it and re-installing it again.

Please note that if you were to remove the plug-in from the SnapCenter Center, you'll be deleting all previous backups associated with that VM. That might not be a good idea!!  The best solution would be to uninstall it on the VM side and then re-install it (if needed).



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