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Skipping Databases in Simple Recovery Mode from SnapCenter Log Backups


We are in the early stages of testing the SnapCenter Plug-In for SQL to replace SnapManager for SQL. We noticed today that tlog backups generate errors if any databases are in simple recovery mode. Since there are typically a mix of databases that are and aren't in SRM, is there any way to skip SRM databases during tlog backups?



In case anyone searches for this, a NetApp technician informed me that SnapManager for SQL would silently skip databases in simple recovery mode, but the SnapCenter Plug-In for SQL unfortunately sends out a warning alert along with skipping them. The only workaround is to create two resource groups per SQL instance instaed of one - one for full backups and one for tlogs that exclude databases in simple recovery mode. Of course even this solution is impractical if databases are being switched between modes for various reasons, which would require reconfiguration of the backup job each time. So we went from an easy automated process to a very cumbersome manual process unfortunately. We are on SnapCenter 4.3.


Thanks for this information. I guess most backup softwares skips SRM during tlog backups bydefault (or have a check box to skip it). I don't use SC on daily basis so can't say why SC cannot skip it. May be an enhancemnet is required. How others are doing it I wonder.


@Ontapforrum it actually does skip them, but in SnapCenter it sends out an email alert every time it skips them. The NetApp tech I was working with submitted 1290184 as an enhancement request.


Thanks, I get it now. So we just  need a reporting fix. 


Yes @Ontapforrum that's it. I'm hoping it can be done quickly as it's turning into quite a pain point for us.


I actually JUST discovered a partial workaround. Apparently if you create a Resource Group with all of the individual databases <rather than the SQL instance>, even those in simple recovery mode, a warning email is NOT sent! Even though it will still be a pain to manually add/remove databases as needed, this still will allow us to have a single Resource Group per instance. Once NetApp fixes this, I'll change back to just including the instance.


Thanks for sharing workaround tip, nice one.

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