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Snap Creator 3.4p2 migration from Linux to Windows?


Is reinstalling Snap Creator 3.4p2 on Windows and moving/copying the config files and the schedules from Linux to Windows supported?

I ran into an issue on Linux with some of the functionality and integration with VMware and was told it was not supported on Linux.  If we can simply re-install on Windows and copy the schedules and configs that would be an easy fix. 




Re: Snap Creator 3.4p2 migration from Linux to Windows?


Hi Jerry,

To be honest I am not sure, I believe it wont work since the derby database is not something you can copy form one OS to another but you can try it.

There is no way to do export so if it doesnt work only option is installing and re-creating schedules. At least configs and logs are easy to copy over

Let me know if it works.

Simply install SC on windows, copy gui/snapcreator directory, configs, and logs directory, and lastly start windows GUI. Ensure java version matches that of SC version so 64 bit and 64 bit or 32 bit and 32bit.

Good luck!



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