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Snap Creator Community - temporarily_unavailable


Does anybody know when snap creator community version will be back online again?

At the moment there is just a placeholder to "Snap_Creator_Community_Release_4.0.0c-temporarily_unavailable.tar.gz". Also no older versions available.

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Re: Snap Creator Community - temporarily_unavailable


Hopefully within the next few days this should be resolved.

The most recent version of Snap Creator is version 4.0 which is available from the support site.

The Snap Creator 4.1 Community Release is expected to come out any day (hopefully before the end of the week) and will be posted on the communities site.

Since the supported release is newer, the communities page is reflecting the temporarily unavailable message.

The older versions are not available due to a license change.

Hopefully by the end of the week Snap Creator 4.1 will be on the communities page - I'm sure an email will be sent out to community members and a posting will be made here on the discussion forum.

Hope this helps,


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