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Snap Creator SnapShot config vs. SnapVault (w/SnapMirror)


In the GUI you have options to create a SnapShot configurtion as well as a SnapMirror/SnapVault configuration. 

If you are configuring SnapShots via the 'SnapShot Action' pane when creating a new configuration and also enabling SnapMirror (via Data Protection), is there a need to enable SnapVault if already using SnapShots?  Since we would be using VSM, the snapshots would be copied between the controllers already and serve the same purpose as enabling SnapVault. 

Is that correct?

Thanks -


Snap Creator SnapShot config vs. SnapVault (w/SnapMirror)



You would normally just configure snapmirror or snapvault but you could configure both if you were backing up something that had bith snapmirror and snapvault components.

In your case it sounds like you would move volumes to snapmirror pane and leave snapvault blank since it isnt used.

One thing to keep in mind unlike protection manager SC will not create snapvault or snapmirror relationships. They need to exist and the gui will check and if no relationships are found you get an error.



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