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Snap Creator for SAP environment / Oracle / Windows



We are implementing SAP on NetAPP filer and I have a question.

Basically, we need to make online backup of SAP every 6 hours, three time a day. After this backup, we expect to run snap mirror onto another site for DRP.

Actually, I don't know if it's better to use SMSAP or Snap Creator and which solution is the most simple to maintain.

I look for scripts with brbackup command for snap creator. Do you have any experience about that ?

Thanks in advance


Re: Snap Creator for SAP environment / Oracle / Windows


Are you looking to clone your sap databases?

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Re: Snap Creator for SAP environment / Oracle / Windows


I forwarded your query to one of our TMEs and here is the response:

I don’t have experience with SC with Windows/Oracle.


My recommendation would be SMSAP, because of the better integration and the easier maintenance.

SMSAP is not supporting SnapMirror Replication with Protection Manager. This needs to done with an external post-backup script.

There are no scripts for brbackup and SC, if the brtools should be used SMSAP is the right product.



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