Snap Drive 6.3

Is there any word on release date of snap drive 6.3? We are right in the middle of a migration project and would rather go straight to 6.3 for NFS support.


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As far as I know it will be there 1ste week op september.

See for more info.


Kris Boeckx


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Snapdrive 6.3 is here ...

Greetings to you all !

Kris Boeckx


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Wow, awesome - thanks for the heads up!

I had an opportunity to play with beta version & must admit I'm loving the fact that MS SQL can now run over NFS end-to-end (well, you need the latest & greatest SMSQL as well, but I've heard it was supposed to be released together with SDW6.3)


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Don't forget to read the fine print, you need VSC 2.0.1 for SMSQL 5.1 and SD 6.3 to do VMDK snaps on NFS.  Unfortunately VSC 2.0.1 is no where to be found.

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It actually worked for me with VSC 2.0.

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I can't use it in production if the release notes don't support it:

  • Note: Support for performing Snapshot copy operations on virtual machine disks (VMDKs) in an NFS or VMFS datastore requires SnapDrive 6.3 for Windows or later and Virtual Storage Console 2.0.1 or later. Please check the availability of SnapDrive 6.3 for Windows and Virtual Storage Console 2.0.1 and install it before using this feature.
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    Yeah, no argument here - fully appreciated.

    I was just happy as a kid when I managed to successfully set it up in our lab Requirement for official support in a prodcution environment is a different story though.

    Having said this, I have a gut feeling VSC 2.0.1 should surface soon, so people can actually make a practical use of this cool feature (unless someone made a typo writing the note! )

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    I'm having issues with viewing LUNs provisioned over FC from a filer running 8.0.1.  I'm curious what version of Data ONTAP you're running?

    Test Environment

    FAS3140 8.0.1 7-Mode

    FAS3170 (HA Cluster) 7.3.3 7-Mode

    Windows 2003 Professional Server (32-bit)

    NetApp Host Agent ver. 2.7

    DFM 4.0

    SnapDrive 6.1.1 Shows LUNs provisioned from filers running 7.3.3 but fails to show LUNs from filers running 8.0.1.

    SnapDrive 6.2 works with no errors

    SnapDrive 6.3: Shows LUNs provisioned from filers running 7.3.3 but fails to show LUNs from filers running 8.0.1.


    Failed to enumerate LUNs.

    Error code : An attempt to obtain list of volumes on the storage system <8.0.1 array name>' failed. Error code: 13011. Error description: No netapp element in response.

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    ok, this is starting to make a little bit of sense... I would like to make use of the new snap drive vmdk on NFS feature, but once I have installed snapdrive 6.3 and try to create a disk there is no option to create it on a nfs volume.

    I have looked through the admin guide and it mentions that all of this is possible within snapdrive 6.3 but there is no information on how to do it, only info on how to create a new lun.

    can anyone possibly point me in the right direction?

    I have the latest vsc installed.