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Snap Manager For Oracle Privileges issue



     I have an issue with a basic snap manager for Oracle install I hope someone can help with. I cant seem to create a profile due to Insufficient Privileges issue with the snap manager windows service account.

We are using

  • SMO v3
  • Windows 2K3 host with Oracle 10G v2

Managed to create the repository DB OK and authenticate, but when trying to create a profile to any DB I hit the authentication problem

"-[ERROR] SMO-05075: Profile create failed: SMO-13504: Verify operation failed. Errors: [Oracle error is: ORACLE-00001: Error executing SQL: [].  The command returned: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges. Verify that the SnapManager Windows service is set up to run as a user with the correct privileges and that the user is included in the ORA_DBA group.  ]"

the verification for the sys account passes, as does the other snapdrive pre-reqs.

the snap manager service account is in the domain admins group and also in the ora_db local group and has admin rights to the filer. as far as I am aware this is all it needs.

Help needed please!!!

Thanks again Darren


Re: Snap Manager For Oracle Privileges issue


Please refer 69642.1 oracle note for this issue.



Re: Snap Manager For Oracle Privileges issue


SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES parameter from file SQLNET.ORA is need to be set to NTS for OS Authentication

Please refer to Oracle Metalink DocID: 730067.1 ("Troubleshooting ORA-1031 Insufficient Privilege") for possible issues.



Re: Snap Manager For Oracle Privileges issue


You are a star, this fixed it, couldnt find any information about this in the SMO install guide which isnt very useful


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