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SnapCenter 3.0 - Plugins not Uploaded


So I have come to login to the SnapCenter GUI today and all my hosts are showing as "Plug-in incompatible" and I think this is because SnapCenter can't see it's plug-in repository. When I check the Software tab under Settings the plugins show as "Package not uploaded".


The installer files do exist in the package repository directory, in this case "E:\ProgramData\NetApp\SnapCenter\Package Repository". 


I've restarted the server and the services and no change.


Any ideas how I can get SnapCenter to discover the plug-ins are actually still there?




Update: It seems the "Check for Updates" may have found a new version but not downloaded it causing the Software tab to be looking for version but the file in the Package Repository is


Is there a location I can download the package installers on their own and drop the new version of the file in the directory, I think that might solve the problem.


Re: SnapCenter 3.0 - Plugins not Uploaded




do you still have the problem?

looks like a permission issue, try to grant full access to that folder to the IIS_IUSRS

(You can assign modify to Users as well (IISUSR is member of Users). But is less restrictive (anyone able to log in to the system can modify folder contents).)

Re: SnapCenter 3.0 - Plugins not Uploaded


I ended up rerunning the SnapCenter 3.0 installer and doing a repair which reverted the plugin packages back to the original version.


It would still be useful to find out the URL where the check for updates goes to though for future reference and to allow the auto update through the firewall.

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