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SnapCenter 4.1 VMware Plugin and old VSC 6.2.2

Hi all

now I have a vCenter 6.5U2 with VSC 6.2.2 and Ontap 8.3.2

my target is the upgrade to Ontap 9.1 and the deploy of new SnapCenter 4.1

If I don't want to migrate the actual configuration and backup information from VSC 6.2.2 to SnapCenter 4.1 what is the best approach?

Based on documantation statement "SnapCenter 3.0 and later cannot co-exist with VSC 6.2x and earlier versions on the same vCenter instance" my plan is to unregister VSC 6.2.2 from vCenter, power-off the VSC 6.2.2 server, deploy VSC 7.1, install and register SnapCenter Plugin 4.1 for VMware.

Is this workflow correct?

Many thanks




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